John Calvin

& His Legacy


Joel Beeke

Jason Helopoulos

Timothy Gwin

Michael Barrett

Brian Cosby

Charles Barrett

October 14–16, 2022

{more info forthcoming}

    The Reformation

    Heritage Conference

    Each year, Wayside Presbyterian Church sets aside a weekend to focus on our Reformed heritage, stemming from the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century. We invite world-class scholars in Reformation history to present a series of lectures for every-day Christians, which are meant to encourage a love for the Scriptures, to foster an appreciation for those who have gone before us, and to cultivate a joy for God through Christ.

    In recent years, we've been privileged to have a variety of excellent speakers, including:

    • Kevin DeYoung
    • Ligon Duncan
    • Derek Thomas
    • Iver Martin
    • Ian Hamilton
    • Guy Waters
    • Guy Richard
    • Carl Trueman
    • Harry Reeder
    • Stephen Nichols
    • Collin Hansen
    • Richard Phillips
    • Nick Batzig
    • Hans Madueme
    • Gordon Reed
    • Joel Beeke
    • Kelly Kapic
    • Timothy George