"I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth." 1 Cor 3:6

In 1917, a small group of believers started a Sunday Bible School class on Signal Mountain. Through the faithful planting and watering of the gospel, God grew this small group into a church that formed Wayside Presbyterian Church. For the sake of the gospel, their small group banded together, committed to the work of God. Through sacrifices of time, resources, and even stone from members’ property, the current sanctuary opened for worship in 1947 with the ability to seat about 130 individuals. In the decades that followed, Wayside continued by God's grace in its mission, trusting God to give the increase. God has answered the prayers of previous generations giving increase in these present days.

Over the last 10 years, God has directed new families to Wayside Presbyterian Church with membership growing over 170%. From 98 members in 2012, to 176 in 2016, and now with over 275 members and their children, we are not able to worship together in one service or in one space. Yet, even with this increase, our mission remains the same, to steward God’s flock faithfully as one body as we are indeed one church family

Our goal is to continue the vision and mission that our Wayside forefathers and mothers left us by providing a legacy for generations to come so that they too can worship God and water the gospel together in faith, hope, and love. Would you consider investing not only for our generation, but for generations to come?

$4.2M out of $5.0M

(total of cash & pledges)

MARCH 2024 update

We are getting close! Major efforts are ongoing with our Build Team working with our architect and general contractor to align scopes, budgets and schedule.

The design has been largely finalized to the point of us having submitted application to the county and state for a Construction Permit. We hope to receive that approval by the end of March.

The project team also obtained the Town of Walden approval for two variances that our project required.

Our architect, Franklin Associates, and general contractor, New Blue, have been working closely with our Build Team to finalize design details, obtain firm quotes against this final design, verify alignment within budget, and layout the key elements of the project access plan. 

If our Construction Permit is approved by the end of March, we are hoping for an April 2024 start date for construction.

While we all recognize the unavoidable impacts of ongoing construction, Wayside access, safety and facilities continuity are high on the list of priorities for the team. The balancing of these considerations with efficient project execution is receiving high attention and will continue to do so. This webpage will include a site access and control plan drawing when available, which will be updated as the project progresses.

We have currently raised approximately $4.2M in donations or pledges towards our $5M budget, leaving roughly $800,000 to go. 

Our capital campaign and fundraising will continue during construction to close this gap and avoid long term debt.

Lord willing, the new sanctuary will be completed by the end of 2025 or early 2026.

Wayside's Mission

To glorify God in making disciples of Jesus Christ by faithfully planting and watering the gospel through the ministry of the Word of God, prayer, sacraments, worship, service, and gospel community.


Get involved

We desire for all of the members of Wayside's congregation to participate tangibly in this campaign. There are several ways that you can be involved.

  • GIVE

    Donations can be made on our website, (mark "New Sanctuary Fund" as the Purpose), put in our church offering plate, or given to our church treasurer, Brent Bowman.

    Future campaign pledges can be submitted via campaign pledge cards available in the church office.


    Pastors and Steering Committee:

    Dr. Brian H. Cosby - Senior Pastor

    Dr. Charles M. Barrett - Associate Pastor, Prayer committee

    Chip Fellers - Committee Chair

    Bill Bowman - Fund Raising

    Marci Cooper - Congregational Communications

    Matt Hamilton - Building Team

    Reach out to a member of our steering committee for questions and comments, or send an email to

    You can also visit the Q&A page for the new sanctuary project here.


    We're having a community yard sale to benefit the new sanctuary project on Saturday, May 20.  Please go here for more details on how you can help!